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Sample Safe

Currently we are an agent for Sample Safe Valves, which secure the inspection chambers on central heating boilers with tamper proof self-sealable valves. Please click here for more information.

Warm House Network

If you are a heating engineer without access to finance, you can sign up to our network and work with our FCA registered provider and use the Warm House platform to allow your customers to accept your quotes!

Local Authorities

Ridgewater Energy work with Local Authorities across the South of England designing bespoke projects and delivering them into the homes of vulnerable householders. Our experience is extensive and has engaged with every tenure, type and construction of housing over the last 20 years.


Local Authorities are required to report under HECA (Home Energy Conservation Act), and their involvement in the new ECO2t flexible eligibility criteria and enforcement of MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) will require them to engage with professional delivery based organisations, that understand how to help them meet these targets and ambitions, and consequently improving the housing stock in their areas.

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