Green Home Improvement Network

Need help to make your home greener and more energy efficient?

Green Home Improvement Network

Many of us now want to go green, minimise our impact on the wider environment, cut our energy bills and increase the value of our home. However, it can be confusing knowing which technologies are best for your home, what is a reasonable cost for the work and which grants and incentives you might be eligible for. Finding a trusted contractor can also be challenging at times.

Well, at the Green Home Improvement Network, we have over 20 years’ experience in the energy efficiency industry and we vet, monitor and review customer feedback on the contractors we work with.

Ridgewater Energy can now offer mortgage advice through partnership with Cherry Mortgage & Finance Ltd. They are a locally based independent mortgage broker that thoroughly research the whole market to help you find the right mortgage to suit your individual needs. Cherry Mortgage & Finance’s mortgage expert, Matthew Fleming-Duffy, can help you finance the purchase of a new home. A home for the first time, buying a property to let out, develop or refurbish a property or remortgage your existing property.

Call Ridgewater Energy today to discuss how we can support you in obtaining a greener mortgage 01202 612726.

The Green Home Improvement Network works as follows:

1. We take some initial details from you and discuss your requirements. You may already have a lender or are looking to use the Green Home Improvement Network broker – Cherry Mortgage and Finance – who know which lenders may look more favourably at certain types of works.

2. We have a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) visit your property to conduct an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate – which many lenders like to see up to date) along with an additional survey and questionnaire to help us identify which measures and technologies you would like and are also suitable for your home and give the most benefit for what you are looking to achieve. The cost for this is £189.

3. Once we have narrowed down the appropriate and preferred measures with you, we can instruct contractors to complete site surveys and quotations if you wish.

4. Once quotations are received, we will check these to ensure that they are sufficiently itemised, seem reasonable compared to typical industry costs, have taken account of any grants and incentives, along with asking questions you may not have considered.

5. We will then help ensure your lender or broker has all the relevant information about the works, along with helping to liaise with the contractor, to ensure the work is turned around in a reasonable timeframe and you are happy with the works once completed.

6. We will contact you when everything is complete to go through a customer satisfaction form and call, to ensure you are happy with the process and the works.

What makes the Green Home Improvement Network ‘Green’ and ethical?

• Cherry Mortgage and Finance are planting a tree and offsetting 1 tonne of C02 for every successful mortgage. Further details about this can be found here https://www.carbonfootprint.com/carbonoffsetprojects.html

• Ridgewater Energy are donating £10 to Crisis, who are working to end homelessness in the UK, for every single ‘measure’ installed through the Green Home Improvement Network.

• Finally, all the measures you are completing to your home which save energy or generate clean green energy are also helping to reduce CO2 emissions and particulates.

The list below is not exhaustive, as there will be other measures that are added or may be available elsewhere, but to start the following measures will be covered:
• Solar PV, solar thermal, thermal dynamics, solar PVT
• Battery storage, car charging points
• Ground source heat pumps
• Biomass, Gas and LPG Boilers, Infra-Red heating and high efficiency storage heating
• Smart heating controls, boiler managers
• Cavity Wall and External Wall insulation
• Loft and room in roof insulation
• LED lighting upgrades

Things to be aware of:

Ridgewater Energy will help guide you through the process of identifying relevant measures and technologies, ensuring contractors are qualified in their field and offering advice where appropriate.

The Green Home Improvement Network does purport to be able to offer the lowest prices in the marketplace, but it does only partner with contractors and companies who use accredited and industry acknowledged products. We do not recommend any client looks to have any products which are not market tested or properly accredited.
The contract for any works is always between you (the client) and the contractor. If there are any issues with the work, we can help facilitate a resolution and will only continue partnering with companies who maintain excellent customer service and feedback.

Case Studies

Want to discover how the Green Home Improvement Network can help? Visit our case studies page.

“Cherry Mortgage and Finance discuss what green mortgages mean for the sector”

Green finance

Article published 31st January 2020 by Scott Challinor

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Ridgewater Energy also manage local and national energy efficiency funding and projects, and our team have 20 years’ experience working with letting agents, management companies, private landlords and tenants.

We work with a network of trusted installers, who can assist with various energy efficiency and heating measures whether funded or on a paid quote basis.


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