Electric Storage Heater Upgrades

Find out if you qualify for funding towards the cost of new energy efficient heaters

Electric Storage Heater Upgrades

Upgrade to the worlds most advanced electric space heater! Average EPC Improvement 6 – 25 points.

Ridgewater Energy are working in partnership with Dimplex and are able to offer access to ECO3 funding to private tenants (with landlord permission) and owner occupiers who meet the qualifying criteria.

This funding can cover up to 80% (subject to survey) of the cost of replacing on-peak electric heaters. Having Dimplex Quantum heaters installed can make a significant difference to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for landlords looking to increase the rating of their properties to help meet the MEES regulations. This can also ensure your tenants can maintain a consistent and affordable heat in the property, meaning that it stays free of damp and is a better environment to live in.

Why Apply for Storage Heater funding?

The advanced Dimplex Quantum heaters will make a significant difference to energy bills and improve comfort levels considerably. The aim of the ECO3 scheme is to make heating more affordable and a Dimplex Quantum heater replacement will help achieve this. Like old storage heaters, Dimplex Quantum’s are designed to make the most of the Economy 7 tariff, storing heat overnight while electricity is cheaper. However, unlike older models, Dimplex Quantum heaters are three times better insulated, making them a high heat retention heater. They also use fans for even greater control over heat output. The Dimplex Quantum gives you complete control over when you want your heaters to be turned on and precisely how warm you want them to be room by room. The heater also learns the heating up and cooling down times of the property and adjusts accordingly.

The Dimplex Quantum’s ability to store the heat more effectively, can mean that up to 45% of the unused stored heat from the previous day can be used to heat your property, ensuring bills are reduced and an even spread of heat around the property is more easily achieved. This consistent availability of heat when it’s needed, can help reduce instances of condensation and the resulting mould from a tenant under-heating the property.

Dimplex Quantum’s typically cost several hundred pounds each, but the ECO Affordable Warmth funding makes these technologically advanced heaters available to you, with up to 80% funding (subject to survey). Anyone with old, inefficient electric heaters or no home heating at all can apply to Ridgewater Energy for a competitive quote to have this work carried out by one of our trusted network of registered heating installers.

For more information on the heaters running costs and eligibility, please click here to view our factsheet.

The Process

To apply for funding simply contact Ridgewater Energy. We will ask some initial eligibility questions to ascertain which residents and the property qualify for any funding. A visit to the home may then be required to ascertain if the property is suitable for the work and to confirm eligibility. This will be followed by a technical survey by our installers to check the electrics, and consumer unit to ensure the new heaters will be compatible, or what work is required to make the installation possible, along with identifying the heat demand for the property and suitable heater locations. The installer will also complete some paperwork to ensure the funding can be claimed.

Once eligibility of the resident is confirmed, the required works will then be quoted on, and any funding levels calculated (if relevant). Then written owner or landlord permission will be sought, along with agreement for them to cover any shortfall in cost between the funding and the full installation cost.

Once agreed, an installation booking date will be arranged, the work carried out, and any shortfall payment will be due. Ridgewater Energy have now overseen over 100 of these heating upgrades.

Please note: Funding is subject to change, any work is subject to survey and the above process may change if and when required by Ridgewater Energy, the funders, the installers or any other related party.

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Ridgewater Energy also manage local and national energy efficiency funding and projects, and our team have 20 years’ experience working with letting agents, management companies, private landlords and tenants.

We work with a network of trusted installers, who can assist with various energy efficiency and heating measures whether funded or on a paid quote basis.


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