Cavity Extraction and Re-Insulation

Assistance to upgrade and guarantee a better installation

Why inspect, remove and replace?

If you have experienced difficulties with your property’s walls, we can check your insulation is performing as well as it should be.

Check your property is not suffering due to the following reasons:

  • The insulation is old and worn
  • The insulation was installed incorrectly
  • Your home is in a high exposure area
  • The cavity was not clear before the insulation was installed
  • The structure of your home is not suitable for cavity wall insulation
  • You have damaged walls such as cracks in the brickwork, render or pointing
  • Blockages have entered the cavity because of building works or home improvements

How we remove cavity wall insulation:

  • We undertake a thorough survey of your home, including a check on the condition of your external and internal walls and any existing areas of damp. We can then let you know how much it will cost to clear your cavities.
  • We prepare the site and erect scaffolding if necessary.
  • We create 5–10 openings at damp proof level in the external wall by removing bricks at predetermined distances.
  • We fix specially designed extraction covers to the openings and attach an extractor.
  • We drill a series of holes in the mortar line or render and use air pressure to force the insulation materials down to the extractor.
  • We inspect the cavity at regular intervals throughout the extraction using a 360° video boroscope that gives us a 2m view in every direction.
  • When the extraction is complete and we’ve confirmed all the cavities are completely clear we reinstate the walls and return your home to its original state.
  • We clear and clean the site, followed by a final inspection of your property.
  • Our technician fills out and signs a completion certificate, which we ask you to sign as well. We also give you a report, signed off by a Chartered Building Surveyor, that confirms the cavities are clear and in a suitable condition to be insulated (should this be appropriate for your property).

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