Helping landlords reach Minimum Energy Efficient Standards

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Helping landlords reach Minimum Energy Efficient Standards

Location – St Catherines Parade, Christchurch.

We were asked by the managing agent and leaseholder of this maisonette to help them get the EPC rating of the property up to an E or above, as it was a G rating and soon it would become unlawful to let without improvements.

Firstly we carried out a survey to determine which measures might be possible, before arranging technical surveys for cavity wall, loft, room in roof insulation and central heating.

In order to ensure we got the best value for the owners of the building, as the room in the roof insulation could not be funded through any grants, we arranged a private quote with one of our contractors and this was then duly insulated. This involved dust protecting the area, taking down all the ceilings on the top floor and then cutting insulation boards and putting these in between the rafters. These were then boarded over with plaster board and skimmed. Also insulation was laid to any run-around/residual loft area and up in any flat ceiling area to 270mm and then 100mm of insulation was strapped to the inside of the stud walls.

Once this job was completed a new EPC was carried out, and this was then at an E rating, which would allow us to obtain funding for both cavity wall insulation AND central heating.

A LEAP visit was also carried out with the tenant and LED lightbulbs and other energy saving devices fitted to help save energy and money on bills!

Watch this space to find out the latest EPC Rating, following the cavity wall insulation and central heating installation.

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